ETC Executive Board

Waleed Rashidi


m Job: “I’ve got it already!”

Vivian Phan

Dream Job: “Working as an executive for NBC Universal or an executive for a large successful record label like Universal Republic or Columbia”

Ivan Muñoz

Dream Job: “Become like a Oprah Winfrey male version.”

Laraine Locke

Dream Job: “Deep sea diver/professional hiker”

Matthew Demeke

Dream Job: “A sportscaster position

for the Philadelphia Eagles”

Alli Volivitch

Dream Job: “To a manager of a rock band and get to travel the world with them.”


Megan Castellucci

Dream Job: “Community Affairs Director for the San Francisco Giants”


Annabelle Landry

Dream Job: “My dream job is to be paid to travel the world to manage different artists!”


Ashley Alonzo

Dream Job: “To be a journalist for E!”